International online school Newson's Place offers the most unique exam preparation courses attracting students from all over the world. Not only will you receive the most contemporary and relevant language to achieve an A in your exam, but you will be drilled on exam techniques to maximize your success.


Combined with the confidence you

will receive in a family oriented learning environment, your exam will be a breeze.


A dedicated team of ELT teachers and teacher trainers in the heart of Saint Petersburg. Develop into a confident, independent and fluent English speaker in our groups for kids, teens and adults, individually, or in corporate education.

Train to be effective in your teaching and efficient in your lesson preparation in our Continuing Professional Development CPD courses.


Marry accuracy and fluency in your students, combine communication skills and solid methodologies in your lessons with the best ELT material source.

We are a team of teachers devoted to making teaching more effective and more efficient through activities.


Find all the materials you need to make your lesson preparation more efficient and your teaching more effective: pronunciation, drilling, communication, soft skills, projects, grammar, vocabulary, and exam preparation.

Meet the Team

Paul Newson

The owner of International online school - Newson's Place 

Starting out in an English State School teaching German and many years later, almost 20, running his own school in Russia, it goes without saying that Paul has a vast amount of experience to share with the teaching community. Having completed his PGCE in Language Teaching, BA in Linguistics, MA in TEFL and is about to complete his PhD in Social Psychology with the University of Derby UK, there is no shortage of expertise. Paul’s personal ambition is to put Russia on the number 1 podium for teaching and to turn his school into an Empire.

Antoine Marcq

Co-founder of Resource Education and English Connection

An experienced and inspiring ELT teacher and teacher trainer, Antoine Marcq is dedicated to providing quality education through meaningful challenges. He develops confident, fluent speakers by combining accuracy and fluency, with communication skills. He trains teachers to make their teaching more effective and their lesson preparation more efficient.

Tom Wiseman

Co-founder of Resource Education and English Connection

In addition to teaching students and training teachers in his own school, Tom undertakes research aimed at improving the quality of work in the ESL classroom. His current project, undertaken in conjunction with the Saint-Petersburg Olympiad Committee, is designed to identify how the best students practice their English differently from their less successful peers. If we know that, we will understand exactly what sort of action to cultivate in all of our students! 

- Is the subject material career changing? And we mean permanently career changing.

- The subject material must not be a random but rather interconnected with the other speakers based on the theme of the conference.

- A particular seminar must include audience participation by use of handouts, group work etc.

After all practice makes perfect as we teachers say.

- The speaker must present in English in an extremely clear and concise way.


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